Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Gurbani Santhia Course?

The Santhia course is a structured syllabus that is split into various stages and modules to help students learn how to read Gurbani. Each student will have their progression reviewed, enabling them progress on to the next stage.

How do we deliver online Santhia?

Online Santhia classes are conducted via a Skype telephone call (audio not video call). During the lesson your Ustaad will guide you through the syllabus at a pace that suits your learning style. The structure of each lesson will follow a similar format; you recite from your Pothi Sahib while your Ustaad listens. After the lesson you will be expected to do your Abiyas / homework.

Can I attend face to face classes?

Yes you can – we hold face-to-face classes in East / West London and in Coventry. Typically classes are held twice a week and all students are welcome to enrol in any of these courses. You can learn more about our classes on the 'classes' page.

Who are the Nihung Santhia tutors?

We have a team of tutors who teach both online and face-to-face. All of our tutors are committed to progressing their own Santhia as well as dedicating their personal time to teaching others. There is also a strong back office team that support with content writing, graphic design and administration. You can learn more about our tutors on the 'Team' page.