Chimney Cake Mix


In 2012 we developed the first Chimney Cake Mix in the world. We created Mix Classic representing the original recipe from Transylvania, using only natural ingredients without any preservatives. It ensures best taste quality and high dough elasticity every time you prepare Kurtos Kalacs.

Mix Classic


  • Represents the original recipe

  • Suitable for sweet and salty Chimney Cakes

  • Highly concentrated - saves shipping costs (1kg mix for ≈51 big Kurtos)

  • Natural ingredients only

  • High elasticity of the ready dough

  • Improves volume and texture of the baked Chimney Cakes

  • Longer freshness of the product

  • Same taste every time

  • Long shelf live - 9 months

  • Suitable for Halal and Ovo-lacto Vegetarian diets

  • Made in Bulgaria, European Union



Our main stock is based in Bulgaria, European Union. We ship the Mix Classic WORLDWIDE. Our mix is easy to use, easy to store and easy to deliver.

The Chimney Cake Mix Classic is packed in 15 kg special multi-layered paper bags. Our mix is now even more concentrated. From 1 bag (15 kg) you can produce 764 pcs big Chimney Cakes (180g each) or 1528 pcs cones/smalls/slims (90g each).



The Chimney Cakes LLC is proud to present the Mix-STOCK in CT, USA. Now we are ready to deliver the Mix Classic all over the USA.

The Chimney Cake Mix for the US market is packed in 30 lb boxes. Each box contains 3 separately sealed 10 lb bags. Our mix is now even more concentrated. From 1 box (30 lb) you can produce 693 pcs big Chimney Cakes (0.4 lb each) or 1386 pcs cones/smalls/slims (0.2 lb each).

Chimney Cake


White Wheat Flour - 1.000 kg (2.2 lb)

Classic Mix - 0.200 kg (7.0 oz)

Instant Dry Yeast - 0.014 kg (0.5 oz)

Water - 0.500 kg (1.1 lb)

Sunflower Oil - 0.120 kg (4.2 oz)

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number of 15kg bags / 30 lb. US-boxes

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