Chimney Cake Grill 'S2 - Double Kit

Chimney Cake Grill 'S2 - Double Kit (€999)

SKU: S1906

Brand: Solarika

Model: 'S2

Kit: Double - a modular kit containing two mobile Chimney Cake Grills with Rollers and Stands to startup and grow your Kurtos Kalacs Business. Made in Europe.

Price: €999




  • 2x Chimney Cake Grill 'S2 - 4-cakes capacity total
  • Special Wooden Rollers - 10 pcs*
    *you can customise Big/Small/Cone/Slim rollers ratio
  • Stainless Steel Rollers Stands**
    ** you can choose - 2x SMALL (10 seats) or 1x WALL (10 seats)
  • Mix Classic (sample)
  • User Manual in English
  • 2 years warranty
    + FREE Durable Export Package
    + FREE Kurtos Training Program
    + FREE Online support via Phone, WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, FaceTime

    • Compact design for high-mobility
    • Energy saving professional horizontal grill
    • Can be plugged in anywhere using 1.1kW only
    • Suitable for starting and growing small business
    • Saves TIME - baking without rollers' repositioning
    • High DURABILITY - using specially designed reinforced long-life heaters
    • NO sugar drops on the vertical heater - no smoke and flames
    • NO additional unwanted taste - the electricity is pure energy
  • SPECIFICATIONS (per each 'S2 grill)

    • 2 baking seats with baking without repositioning
    • Productivity per hour (max): 30 Cones / 25 Big / 40 Small
    • 3-positional baking control for each roller
    • Baking temperature: 250°С
    • 2 independent motors with protection
    • On / Off switch with light indicator
    • Top door with tempered glass
    • Material: stainless steel only
    • Dimensions: 42cm (16.5") х 28cm (11") х 26cm (10.2")
    • Net weight: 10.2 kg (22.5 lb)
    • 2 different models working with AC single phase:
      US, Canada etc.: AC 110÷125V/10A, 50/60Hz
      EU, Asia, etc.: AC 220÷240V/5A, 50/60Hz
    • Power: 1.1 kW
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • CE European conformity
    • Made in Bulgaria (European Union)

    The 'S2 Machine is the smallest Chimney Cake Grill on the market. It's developed to be energy saving, mobile and to grow with your needs - when your business grows... just add another 'S2 Grill to meet your needs. You can plug it in anywhere using less energy than a hairdryer (1.1kW). We created the 'S2 horizontal grill in early 2012 specially for professional mobile Chimney Cake baking. The machine bakes up to 2 cakes at the same time for 3-6 minutes depending on the size. We use a vertically situated reinforced 8mm long-life heater specially designed for the 'S2 model only. This system removes the need for rollers' repositioning. The Chimney Cake machine 'S2 is the most energy saving horizontal grill on the market. The grill's body is made of 1.5mm mirror shiny stainless steel for easy cleaning and strong protection against corrosion and deformations. All the fixing elements, visible or hidden, every single hinge, nut, bolt is made of stainless steel for highest oven's build quality. For the door we use 5mm thick crystal clear tempered glass with operating temperature up to 360°C. Inside the grill there are 2 independent motors with electric protection against manually caused mechanical stops. The wooden door handles and the special material between them and the hot steel provide temperature insulation and protection for your hands. Our grills require: AC single phase 110÷125V or 220÷240V, 50/60Hz. In our Premium, Economy and Double kits we include the traditional wooden rollers, made of specially treated Bulgarian beech wood for the best baking results. These ovens/grills are developed for professional usage 24 / 7, using only high quality materials and components. Our ovens' main advantages are their reliability, affordable prices, permanent stock and fast delivery.